AAG Annual Meeting 2012 NYC

Contribution from the GeoDiverCity research group to the AAG session « Evolutionary Economic Geography« , organized by D. F. Kogler and D. Rigby, 24th February 2012 :

Céline Vacchiani-Marcuzzo and Fabien Paulus : « Innovative activities and economic trajectories of cities (USA, France) ».

Contributions from the GeoDiverCity research group to the AAG session « Agent-Based Models and Geographical Systems« , organized by A. Heppenstall, M. Batty, M. Birkin, Ch. Bone and A. Crooks, 25-26th February 2012 :

Sebastien Rey Coyrehourcq and Clara Schmitt : « Guided and automated exploration for the calibration of an agent-based model ».

Elfie Swerts : « Simulating the evolution of urban systems in developing countries : the Indian case ».

Einar Holm and Lena Sanders : « Agent-based spatial microsimulation for modeling emergence and long term dynamics of labor markets and settlement systems ».

Clémentine Cottineau : « A tool for assessing the specificity of the evolutionary path of Russian cities ».

Thomas Louail : « Consequences of streets networks and accessibility patterns on cities’ spatial organization : a computational study ».

Denise Pumain : « The Simpop family : form an evolutionary urban theory to a computable, agent-based geographical ontology ».

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